UK nightclubs to resume operations by June 21

British nightclubs may open in June if Prime minister Boris's plan is followed. The industry has suffered from lockdown policies, however, things are expected to change. 

Nightclubs in the UK to open in June 

The entertainment industry has been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, especially with the various lockdowns imposed around the world. Sacha Lord who is a nightclub owner was elated when he learned that Boris Johnson said that clubs could open as soon as June in a recently rolled out blueprint to ease lockdown. 

The economic advisor to the warehouse project said he was almost dancing publicly. He said fortunes have diminished for UK club owners and workers as they have been hit with many staff members sacked or have their salaries heavily subsidized. However, Boris Johnson said all vaccinations have to be completed before any venues could be deemed safe for reopening.

Part of the process of reopening the economy was that clubs in Britain could open no later than 21 June. However, Mr. lords aren't optimistic that many clubs can survive till then. Bars and nightclubs have been closed since restrictions were introduced last year.

Many nightclub staffs sacked amidst or offered slashed salaries 

It will be over 14 months when they finally open, how many can survive that long?. Also, there are no guarantees that the reopened will improve their economy as many people will still be hesitant to come except they are all vaccinated. The nightclub industry contributes more than £70 billion to Britain's economy yearly and has seen finances pummel over the months. Even when pubs and restaurants have been allowed to open, the offer hasn't been extended to nightclubs. 

According to the All-party parliamentary group, British nightclubs have sacked more than 55% of their staff with the rest on half-pay. But Mr. Laws, another club owner, isn't hopeful most British clubs will have the finance to operate to their best by June and calls for more aid for the industry.