India health staffs have reservations about the homegrown coronavirus vaccine

Health workers in India are wary of homegrown vaccines administered to them. Many prefer the AstraZeneca vaccine as a better alternative. 

Indian health workers to concerned about homegrown vaccine 

The Indian health ministry is having a torrid time convincing health workers to use the homegrown vaccine to help them. This is because of the controversial nature of its trial. India's vaccine hasn't passed through all necessary trials before its hurried approval for emergency use. India has the largest infection rate after the US, with cases rising after neglecting mask-wearing. 

Lockdowns in India have been flexible with most citizens able to move around. However, Indian medical workers have little confidence in the safety of the vaccine. The Indian government has said it is targeting more than 400 million of its 1.4 billion population to be vaccinated before July. It has recently vaccinated more than 11 million health care workers since the pandemic started. 

Many prefer the AstraZeneca vaccine 

However, just 10% of this population has taken COVAXIN, which was developed by Bharat Biotechnology. The remaining have opted for the AstraZeneca vaccine. The government in India has ordered about 11 million vaccines of the COVAXIN and 25 million does if the vaccines AstraZeneca jobs to help fight the virus. As of Thursday, the government said it has gotten more than 6 million COVAXIN.

'' The hesitation is linked to how the homegrown vaccine has been said to  highly experimental, and not completed all trials '' 

According to professor Subhash Salunkhe, an expert on infectious disease, more people should embrace the homegrown vaccine. However, he said news that the vaccine was less potent wasn't true and people should take it. The government however had blamed the Low administration of the COVAXIN on limited supply by the pharmaceutical company. He said the Serum Institute of India has done far better in supplying the AstraZeneca vaccine for all nations.

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