Home and School Solutions would like you to know that we serve our customers as both the manufacturer and distributor of our products and services, and we make every effort to ensure their accuracy. This allows us to keep prices down and keep products fresh.

Order Fulfillment

You can contact Connie for product information and availability by mail, e-mail, or telephone. If you must use the telephone, please identify yourself to our answering machine as we use it to screen out telemarketers--and we'll pick up immediately if we're home. (If we're not, please keep trying!) If you use the PayPal Shopping Cart, we will be automatically notified of your purchase by e-mail. We fulfill orders at the earliest possible opportunity, usually within a day or two of payment (more about that below).

Please be sure to provide your complete name and mailing address if you are purchasing a product that must be sent by regular mail! If you also provide your e-mail address, I will confirm your order and keep in touch with you regarding the shipment. If you are purchasing an e-mailed product, please make sure the e-mail address can accommodate the files. If you haven't heard anything from me within 3 days, feel free to contact me at my personal e-mail address!


If you find that a printed product is not as described, we will refund your purchase (minus shipping and handling) as long as it is returned in saleable condition within 30 days. We cannot accept return of an e-mailed product, but if an e-mailed product is lost or damaged in transit over the internet we will be happy to replace it (to the same e-mail address only). Return policy on customization service is limited to replacing incorrect files with correct files in the event I have made an error. Please be very careful when you prepare instructions and keep a copy for your own records. You will need it to prove any error on my part. I am a meticulous proof-reader so you should not need to request exchange!


You may pay for purchases and services in a number of ways, as described below. PayPal Shopping Cart, PayPal Send Money, e-Bay (when available), cheque, money order, and cash are all options. All must be in Canadian funds. Note that while we cannot process payments by credit or debit card, PayPal provides those options.

1. e-Bay

If you are trying to gain feedback points on e-Bay, you might like to purchase my products there--whenever they are listed! This link goes off-site.Search e-Bay under my nickname “biddercon”.

2. PayPal Payments

PayPal makes your purchase safe because you do not have to share your financial information with me and immediate because it permits credit card, instant transfer, and bank debit payments (your choice). If you already have a PayPal Account you know how it works--just sign in when prompted to do so in the order flow, authorize the payment, and you’re done! You and I will both get e-mail notifications of the transactions so I can send out the package and you can begin looking for it in the mail.

Acceptance Mark

PayPal Account

If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can This link goes off-site.sign up for one as part of the purchase process--or you can do it now. Even if you don’t want to sign up for a PayPal account, you can still use the system to pay me for your purchase through the PayPal Send Money function!

PayPal Shopping Cart

The PayPal Shopping Cart system is set up for quick, convenient purchase of Connie's Products (WSEM, WCCS, RICH, MTLS, HELPS, and ICANSPELL) by Canadian and Continental U.S. residents (see more below).

PayPal Send Money

If you live outside of Canada/Continental U.S. and wish to purchase any of my products, or if you wish to purchase French Lesson Supplement items or to pay for services, you can use PayPal’s Send Money system to pay me. I will tell you what the total amount is after we have negotiated total costs (including shipping/handling) for products and services you have selected.

Shipping and Handling Cost Information

Shipping and handling costs for individual items in the Shopping Cart system have been calculated (with the assumption that you live across the continent from me) separately for Canadian and for American customers using the Canada Post Rate Calculator’s most economical services as of January 2017. For Canadian destinations, this means Lettermail or Regular Parcel. For Continental U.S. destinations, this means Letter Post or Small Packet Air or Light Packet (or if Small Packet Air is not available, then Expedited Parcel).

If any of the following conditions apply to your purchase, I will be happy to recalculate charges and e-mail you the new shipping and handling details at your request. You may then pay through PayPal’s Send Money function. Let me know if: Please note that if there are any international customs fees applied to your package as it crosses the border, you will have to pay the customs department for those. I cannot collect payment on their behalf.

  • You live in or near the province of Ontario and you want to save on shipping. (This does not apply to Lettermail or Letter Post, since these are flat rates.)
  • You wish your order expedited rather than sent by the most economical service.
  • You wish me to add insurance (it is automatically included for purchases up to $100). Insurance is not available for Lettermail or Letter Post. As of January 2017, the additional charge for insurance was $9.
  • You wish me to remove insurance (additional insurance has been included for purchases over $100, but may be removed at your request).
  • You are purchasing a number of items and wish to save on shipping.

I will have to recalculate your shipping if you are placing an order from outside of Canada and the Continental United States.

Calculating Shipping/Handling Totals

The This is a PDF file.Calculating Shipping/Handling Totals Chart is provided for those who wish to know how shipping/handling costs (SHIP1 and SHIP2) are calculated in the PayPal shopping cart system on the Home and School Solutions website. Using this information you will be able to quickly calculate what the shopping cart totals will be if you purchase one or several items by clicking Add to Cart buttons--even if you purchase one or two copies of each. If you require a more accurate shipping/handling total for a package containing several different items, I will be happy to provide it.

3. Non-PayPal Payments

You can reduce your shipping/handling costs by not using my PayPal Shopping Cart or PayPal Send Money, since I have included in it the fees that PayPal will charge me. If you wish to pay by cheque, money order or cash, read on. You are very welcome to do so, but remember that it will take longer for you to receive your package. Please send me an e-mail listing what you wish to purchase (along with your complete address) and I will let you know the precise cost (including shipping/handling) of the assembled package.

Product Brochure and Order Form

If you want to know more about the products and their prices, and how to purchase them without using the PayPal store, you can print a This is a PDF file.product brochure and an This is a PDF file.order form. You can use the appropriate shipping/handling chart (next item) with the order form to make your order and payment by regular mail.

If you would like to order and pay for French Lesson Supplements by regular mail (with a cheque or money-order), you can print off the special This is a PDF file.French Lesson Supplements order form. It also includes a descriptive paragraph and shipping chart. (Apparently it's time I rolled my brochure, order form, and shipping charts into one catalog because there is no room for more information in the current format, but that will have to wait a bit longer!)

Shipping/Handling Chart

This is a shipping/handling chart that shows information for one or two copies of Connie's Products (and it excludes PayPal fees) for This is a PDF file.Canadian destinations and for This is a PDF file.Continental U.S. destinations. If you wish to purchase three or more copies of a product or a combination of these items, I will be happy to calculate an accurate shipping/handling amount for you.

Cash, Cheques, Money Orders

Please do not send cash by regular mail. If you send a money order from the United States, please make sure it is an international (pink) one. The process will take longer if you pay by cheque or money order as we’ll need to let it clear the bank before shipping the product(s). For American (and other international) cheques and money orders, this can take up to a month so please place your order well in advance of the time you need to use the product. Please make your money order or cheque (Canadian funds only) out to “Connie Lacelle” and include it with the list of products desired. (Do not use "Home and School Solutions" or the bank will not cash it!)


Connie Lacelle
Box 4
Warren, ON
P0H 2N0

Thanks for visiting today, and considering a purchase. We would be very happy to serve you!

If you need further information, please contact me! Everything is negotiable...



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