The most convenient way to purchase Connie's products is through this PayPal store where everything (except the French Lesson Supplements) is charted out in a table so you can see all your options at once. You can jump to individual product pages for more information and you can click on shopping carts to make purchases. If you prefer, you can visit the Connie's Products page, where everything is available in a simple list form.

Shipping and handling charges are calculated separately for Canadian and for American customers using the Canada Post Rate Calculator’s most economic services as of January 2017. If you want faster service, I can calculate other options for you. Just ask! If you purchase 3 or more copies of a product, a combination of products, or if you live in Ontario, I can probably save you money if you send me a request by e-mail rather than use this PayPal store. If you live outside of Canada/continental U.S. I will need to calculate a shipping/handling total for you. Whatever the case, you may then use PayPal's Send Money function to make payment.

There is more detailed information about all this on the Purchase Information page. By the way, no sales taxes apply to any of these products!

If you want to know more about the products and their prices, and how to purchase them without using PayPal, you can print a This is a PDF file.product brochure, an This is a PDF file.order form, and a This is a PDF file.Canadian destination shipping/handling chart or a This is a PDF file.Continental U.S. destination shipping/handling chart.

Purchase Connie's Products

If you live in Canada, go to the Home and School Solutions PayPal Store for Canada. Canadian Flag

If you live in Continental U.S., go to the Home and School Solutions PayPal Store for Continental United States. U.S. Flag

If you live outside of Canada or Continental U.S. send me a request by e-mail for shipping/handling charges.