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Specifics about Live Classes

           $50.00 / 6 hours
Word 101 Seminar--Live Class
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Arrange a Group Class

  • The Word 101 Seminar is presented live and Microsoft Word 2003 document templates are provided (via students' own jump drives) one unit at a time.
    • Live classes are taught in a church classroom at our location in Val Caron, Ontario, on older computers we provide.
    • Maximum class size 10 students.
    • Registration fee is $50 per student for each 6 hours (usually 3 weeks; sessions average 2 hours in length).
    • We progress through lessons at a pace appropriate to the skill level of students, covering as many lessons as possible.
    • Students view on the screen what the teacher is doing on her computer and do the steps on their provided computers.
    • Downloaded document templates allow students to do practice assignments and experiment with various techniques as "homework." Students cannot accidentally over-write the templates, so they need not fear messing up.
    • In the scheduled classes, we teach the first several lessons of the Seminar live over the space of three weeks. When is the next scheduled class?
    • We can arrange classes in which we teach specified lessons of your choice live over the space of several weeks. Would you like to arrange a class for your group?
    • When the time allotted for a scheduled or arranged class is up, students may purchase at a pro-rated discount any Word 101 Seminar units not already provided and download them immediately to their jump drives. For example, if 1/8 of the Seminar material has already been downloaded and the price for the full e-mailed version is $48, students may purchase the remaining 7/8 of the Word 101 Seminar for $42.
    • Seminar Components:
    1. This is a PDF file.Front Cover (to put into your own binder in case you wish to print off documents).
    2. This is a PDF file.Student Outline: lists all 101 lesson titles, divided between 8 units. (Each unit contains 1, 2 or 3 sections.)
    3. 101 Lessons in the complete Seminar. We will cover as many as possible in the allotted live class time. Sample lessons: Lesson 02-05, Exploring a Document and Lesson 06-04, Using Auto Correct.
    4. This is a PDF file.Articles on Creation and Noah's Flood; used only to illustrate techniques. They need not be read.

Purchase Options

If you decide to register for a scheduled class or to arrange one for your group after chatting with me, I will take your name and phone number and make the necessary reservation(s). As co-ordinator for your group, you will provide your participants with the necessary information and let me know how many students there will be. If you have fewer than 10 participants, please let me know if it is permissible to allow others who contact me to join your sessions.

You may make payment by cash (but please do not send cash in the mail), cheque or money order (in Canadian funds) prior to the class or, at our discretion, when you arrive for the first class. If you prefer, you may request a PayPal invoice so that you can use its Send Money function. (There is no buy now or add to cart button on the website for Word 101 Seminar live classes due to their flexible nature.)

Since students will be provided Word 101 Seminar components via their jump drives, we cannot make any refund for the live classes. However, if the information downloaded is damaged in any way, we will be happy to resupply the material. There is more information on my Purchase Information page.

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