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Millennium Time Line System--Clippings Pocket
Question About Shipping and Handling

  • Clippings Pocket package (10 cardstock forms)
    1. Sample Lesson from Readings in Canadian History, Year 1 (Pierre Esprit Radisson) (back)
    2. The cardstock pages are inserted into plastic page protectors (which you can get at most stationery stores) to make pockets.
    3. The purpose of the Clippings Pockets is to serve as places to store small, flat physical pieces of information that cannot be stored anywhere else, or that one does not have time to deal with right now. Students may collect newspaper and magazine clippings, photographs, postcards, index cards upon which he has printed names of books or quotations he likes, bulletins, and brochures, etc., and put them into the appropriate Clippings Pockets. He might also use these Pockets as places to store index cards that briefly describe larger items that are stored in the closet or that his grandfather has in his barn and which might be useful when designing a project sometime in the future. The student will do himself a huge favour if he keeps his collected items in good condition--cutting them carefully and not folding them, for example, and sliding items into the Clippings Pockets carefully so as not to crumple other papers. Later on, he will be able to find these things easily and move them to their permanent resting places--like on an Illustrations form.
    4. This package would give you the ability to sort materials in ten additional pockets. There are already seven Clippings Pockets in the MTLS product so that the student can sort his items according to seven broad categories of his choice, which will make it easier for him to find related items quickly. The seven most obvious categories would be those used to label the time line, but he can use different categories. Perhaps he would like to follow current events in politics, education, religion, music, technology, and sports, for example. He might also want to keep a personal Clippings Pocket so he has a place to put certificates he earns or newspaper clippings about his Uncle Bert, the inventor. Then when he or his uncle becomes famous in a few years, the student can plot those events on his Seventh Millennium time line!

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