My cousin sent me this article by e-mail sometime in the summer of 2007, but did not supply the source information. I don't know how long it had been circulating on the internet, but I found a version of it at the Snopes message board dated October, 2005. I dutifully passed it on to my e-mail address contacts as well. Because it is one of the better easy-to-read articles I have read on the subject of MSG, I am presenting it here, as well, for your education. I have edited the article a bit to make it flow better in this medium.

I encourage you to read and act on this information, immediately, by changing your eating habits! (It's too late to do the political steps suggested, I'm sure, and it may not apply to you.) Don't tell me it will be tough to find food you can eat--I know it will, I've been looking! Filling up more on fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts is an obvious and very healthy idea. But I have also begun to bake sausage-shaped whole-wheat buns and cooking roasts for the kids' lunches so they don't have to take those disgusting store-bought white bread ones with all the pork and chemicals in them. I'd prefer they not have so much meat, but, hey--one battle at a time!

Uh, oh! A whole lot of you will have to give up Tim Horton's coffee! And now it looks like I have the information I've been praying for to help me stop eating cheezies and Kentucky Fried Chicken...

MSG in most coffee

The food additive MSG (Mono-Sodium Glutamate) is a slow poison. MSG hides behind 25 or more names, such as "Natural Flavoring." MSG is even in your favorite coffee from Tim Horton's and other brand-name coffee shops!

I wondered if there could be an actual chemical causing the massive obesity epidemic, and so did a friend of mine, John Erb. He was a research assistant at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, and spent years working for the government. He made an amazing discovery while going through scientific journals for a book he was writing called This link goes off-site.The Slow Poisoning of America.

In hundreds of studies around the world, scientists were creating obese mice and rats to use in diet or diabetes test studies. No strain of rat or mice is naturally obese, so scientists have to create them. They make these creatures morbidly obese by injecting them with MSG when they are first born. The MSG triples the amount of insulin the pancreas creates, causing rats (and perhaps humans) to become obese. They even have a name for the fat rodents they create: "MSG-Treated Rats."

When I heard this, I was shocked. I went into my kitchen and checked the cupboards and the refrigerator. MSG was in everything--the Campbell's soups, the Hostess Doritos, the Lays flavored potato chips, Top Ramen, Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper, Heinz canned gravy, Swanson frozen prepared meals, and Kraft salad dressings, especially the "healthy low-fat" ones. The items that didn't have MSG marked on the product label had something called "Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein," which is just another name for Monosodium Glutamate.

Eating out

It was shocking to see just how many of the foods we feed our children everyday are filled with this stuff. MSG is hidden under many different names in order to fool those who read the ingredient list, so that they don't catch on. (Other names for MSG are "Accent," "Aginomoto," "Natural Meat Tenderizer," etc.)

But it didn't stop there.

When our family went out to eat, we started asking at the restaurants what menu items contained MSG. Many employees, even the managers, swore they didn't use MSG. But when we asked for the ingredient list, which they grudgingly provided, sure enough, MSG and Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein were everywhere.

Burger King, McDonald's, Wendy's, Taco Bell, every restaurant--even the sit-down eateries like TGIF, Chili's, Applebee's, and Denny's--use MSG in abundance. Kentucky Fried Chicken seemed to be the worst offender: MSG was in every chicken dish, salad dressing, and gravy. No wonder I loved to eat that coating on the skin--their secret spice was MSG!


So why is MSG in so many of the foods we eat? Is it a preservative or a vitamin?

Not according to my friend John Erb. In his book "Slow Poisoning of America," he said that MSG is added to food for the addictive effect it has on the human body. Even the This link goes off-site.MSG Facts propagaganda website sponsored by the food manufacturers lobby group supporting MSG explains that the reason they add it to food is to make people eat more.

A study of the elderly showed that older people eat more of the foods that it is added to. The Glutamate Association lobbying group says eating more is a benefit to the elderly, but what does it do to the rest of us? "Betcha can't eat (just) one," takes on a whole new meaning where MSG is concerned! And we wonder why the nation is overweight!

The MSG manufacturers themselves admit that it addicts people to their products. It makes people choose their product over others, and makes people eat more of it than they would if MSG wasn't added.

Not only is MSG scientifically proven to cause obesity, it is an addictive substance. Since its introduction into the American food supply fifty years ago, MSG has been added in larger and larger doses to the pre-packaged meals, soups, snacks, and fast foods we are tempted to eat everyday.


The FDA has set no limits on how much of it can be added to food. They claim it's safe to eat in any amount. But how can they claim it's safe when there are hundreds of scientific studies with titles like these:

  • "The monosodium glutamate (MSG) obese rat as a model for the study of exercise in obesity." Gobatto CA, Mello MA, Souza CT, Ribeiro IA. Res Commun Mol Pathol Pharmacol. 2002.
  • "Adrenalectomy abolishes the food-induced hypothalamic serotonin release in both normal and monosodium glutamate-obese rats." Guimaraes RB, Telles MM, Coelho VB, Mori C, Nascimento CM, Ribeiro. Brain Res Bull. 2002 Aug.
  • "Obesity induced by neonatal monosodium glutamate treatment in spontaneously hypertensive rats: An animal model of multiple risk factors." Iwase M, Yamamoto M, Iino K, Ichikawa K, Shinohara N, Yoshinari Fujishima. Hypertens Res. 1998 Mar.
  • "Hypothalamic lesion induced by injection of monosodium glutamate in suckling period and subsequent development of obesity." Tanaka K, Shimada M, Nakao K Kusunoki. Exp Neurol. 1978 Oct.

No, the date of that last sutdy was not a typo; it was published in 1978. Both the "medical research community" and "food manufacturers" have known about the side effects of MSG for decades.

Many more of the studies mentioned in John Erb's book links MSG to diabetes, migraines and headaches, autism, ADHD, and even Alzheimer's.


But what can we do to stop the food manufacturers from dumping this fattening and addictive MSG into our food supply and causing the obesity epidemic we now see?

Note: The following three paragraphs are included for context, but they appear to have been added sometime after the original piece was written.

  • Even as you read this, George W. Bush and his corporate supporters are pushing a Bill through Congress called the "Personal Responsibility in Food Consumption Act," also known as the "Cheeseburger Bill." This sweeping law bans anyone from suing food manufacturers, sellers and distributors--even if it comes out that they purposely added an addictive chemical to their foods.

  • Last month the House of Representatives passed the "Personal Responsibility in Food Consumption Act" to protect the food and beverage industry from civil lawsuits. Under the measure, known as the "Cheeseburger Bill," people who buy food or drinks couldn't sue the companies that made them, the stores that sold them or the restaurants that served them if they got fat from the products, so long as the products met existing laws. The Senate is expected to take up a similar bill later this year.

  • The Bill has already been rushed through the House of Representatives, and is due for the same rubber stamp at Senate level. It is important that Bush and his corporate supporters get it through before the media lets everyone know about MSG, the intentional nicotine for food.

Several months ago, John Erb took his book and his concerns to one of the highest government health officials in Canada. While he was sitting in the government office, the official told him, "Sure, I know how bad MSG is. I wouldn't touch the stuff." But this top-level government official refuses to tell the public what he knows. The big media doesn't want to tell the public either, fearing issues with their advertisers. It seeems that the fallout on the fast food industry may hurt their profit margin.

So what do we do? The food producers and restaurants have been addicting us to their products for years, and now we are paying the price for it. Our children should not be cursed with obesity caused by an addictive food additive.

Do your part!

But what can I do about it? I'm just one voice! What can I do to stop the poisoning of our children, while our governments are insuring financial protection for the industry that is poisoning us?

I, for one, am doing something about it. I am sending this e-mail out to everyone I know in an attempt to tell you the truth that the corporate-owned politicians and media won't tell you. The best way you can help to save yourself and your children from this drug-induced epidemic is to forward this article to everyone. With any luck, it will circle the globe before politicians can pass the legislation protecting those who are poisoning us. The food industry learned a lot from the tobacco industry. Imagine if big tobacco had a bill like this in place before someone blew the whistle on nicotine? Blow the whistle on MSG.

If you are one of the few who can still believe that MSG is good for us and you don't believe what John Erb has to say, see for yourself. Go to the This link goes off-site.U. S. National Library of Medicine. Type in the words "MSG Obese" and read a few of the 275 medical studies that appear.

We the public do not want to be rats in one giant experiment, and we do not approve of food that makes us into a nation of obese, lethargic, addicted sheep, waiting for the slaughter. Feeding the food industry's bottom line while waiting for the heart transplant, the diabetic-induced amputation, blindness, or other obesity-induced, life-threatening disorders.

With your help we can put an end to this poison. Do your part in sending this message out by word of mouth, e-mail, or by distribution of this printout to your friends all over the world and stop this "Slow Poisoning of Mankind" by the packaged food industry.

Blowing the whistle on MSG is our responsibility, so get the word out.

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Did you write this article or know who did? I would love to give credit to the author! Send me an e-mail.

What did you think of this article? Have you experienced recognizable side effects from consuming various products containing MSG? Send me an e-mail to have your say.

If/when you are ready to take the bull by the horns maybe you'll want to check out this website and buy Debby Anglesey's book This link goes off-site."Battling the 'MSG Myth', a Survival Guide and Cookbook." As always, I cannot endorse everything presented on that (or any other) website.



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