You may have noticed the cheerful little ad on the right side of most pages of this website, and wondered why it's so important. Allow me to illuminate you.

What Is "Curriculum For Life"?

Dr. Jeff Hazim's product "Curriculum For Life" is a homeschool curriculum that establishes a Christian foundation for a healthy life: body, soul, and spirit. It is perfect for high school and family education for all ages. It is designed to give a student 35 weeks of thorough study enabling him or her to earn 3 school credits (Health, Bible, Elective).

Note: Since the product went on the market it has also been adapted for university classes and church study groups. This website does not attempt to describe how "Curriculum For Life" is being used in those additional contexts. It will only describe its original design as a homeschool curriculum.

"Curriculum For Life" is a 700+ page PDF product sold on CD, most of which is a transcript of Dr. Hazim's "Lessons for Healthy Living 2.0" 24-video teaching series (sold on DVD) plus numerous little mini-assignments spread throughout. Your whole family can share this product as a reference and study guide and just print off special pages (such as the Journaling to Wellness and the Dig Deeper pages) as needed for student assignments. You are certainly welcome to print off the entire product.

What is "Lessons for Healthy Living"?

"Lessons for Healthy Living 2.0" is the product upon which the "Curriculum For Life" is based. It is a 10-DVD product comprising 24 short video lessons (approximately 11 hours of material) on a variety of health topics. When you purchase it you also receive a colourful 16 page booklet giving a brief description of the modules. You could probably get a lot out of the curriculum by itself, but not nearly as much as if you also purchase the "Lessons for Healthy Living 2.0" 10-DVD set because they are integrated. Please do that! You can purchase just the "Lessons for Healthy Living 2.0" DVD series without the "Curriculum For Life" if you do not wish to study the content in depth.

Who Wrote "Lessons for Healthy Living"?

Many years ago, Drs. Jeff and Andrea Hazim taught "Lessons for Healthy Living 1.0" to a local audience. It happened to be recorded and then distributed, and became very popular, but then Chaim Goldman came along and showed the Hazims a better way. So the Hazims and the Goldmans teamed up to produce and promote the "Lessons for Healthy Living 2.0" in a more modern and up-beat way.

Who Wrote "Curriculum for Life"?

Then I (Connie Lacelle) came along just a few years ago and professionally polished the transcript of "Lessons for Healthy Living 2.0". Next, I took that transcript and punctuated it with numerous imaginative highlights and exercises, blowing Dr. Jeff away with my creative genius.

What Subjects Are Covered in "Curriculum for Life"?

There are numerous topics mentioned throughout the curriculum. They are organized under the 24 module titles in the "Lessons for Healthy Living 2.0" series. Each video is a fast-paced 20 minutes of eye-opening and often humourous commentary illustrated by colourful slides. Each is taught by either Dr. Jeff Hazim or Dr. Andrea Hazim, and sometimes by both. Here are the module titles in order:

  1. The Upside-Down Kingdom: Changing Paradigms
  2. The Disease Economy
  3. Exchanging the Truth for Lies: Health Myths Uncovered
  4. Fortify Your Temple: Reclaim Your Health
  5. The Narrow Road: Avoid the Crowd
  6. From Roots to Fruits: Growing in Your True Identity
  7. The Neglected Fruit: Self-Control
  8. Ethical Omnivores: To Eat or Not to Eat
  9. Nutritional ABC's: Macronutrition
  10. Heroes of Nutrition: Fight Back with Micronutrients
  11. Lions Don't Get Headaches, Do They?
  12. Label Detective
  13. Wanted Dead or Alive
  14. Starving from Overindulgence: Quality Foods & Supplements are Crucial
  15. Plop Plop, Fizz Fizz: The Acid/Alkaline Story
  16. Food Combining & Body Cycles: Help Your Body Do What It Does
  17. The True Fountain of Youth: 30 Minutes to a Younger You
  18. I Will Give You Rest
  19. The Gift of Listening: The Art of Excellent Communication
  20. To Nerve & Protect
  21. Detox or Die! Overly Dramatic or Frighteningly Real?
  22. The Slime of Self-Sabotage
  23. Nutritional Wholism: Body, Soul & Spirit
  24. Are You Making Risky Natural Health Choices?

Where can I Get More Information?

You can hear an interview and see a few sample pages of the curriculum at the This link goes off-site.Launch Webinar. Led by Chaim Goldman, the team (Kim Goldman, Dr. Jeff, and I) talked about such things as how we came to develop the curriculum, how the curriculum can be used with all ages, how the LFHL videos are integrated with the CFL text, how repetition is used for maximum effect, instructions for making the most of the curriculum, whether non-homeschoolers can use it, etc.

If you need different information, from the author's perspective, you can e-mail me at Home and School Solutions.

Where Can I Purchase "Curriculum for Life" and "Lessons for Healthy Living 2.0"?

If you like, you can purchase the "Lessons for Healthy Living 2.0" and the "Curriculum for Life" at that site. However, it would help me tremendously if you would instead purchase them using my This link goes off-site.affiliate link. (Please note: The affiliate link is not yet active as of July 13, 2017. I will change this link information as soon as it is active. In the meantime, please go to the link given above if you wish to purchase the product.)

Is Anyone Else Selling "Curriculum For Life" and "Lessons for Healthy Living 2.0"?

Yes, other organizations are also marketing the "Lessons for Healthy Living 2.0" and "Curriculum for Life" products. One of them is This link goes off-site.Jeremiah Films.



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