If you are looking for a user-friendly and task-oriented means of studying the Microsoft Word processing software, you have found it. And this one doubles as a quick reference tool!

Word 101 Seminar

Our Word Processing Seminar (also known as "Word 101 Seminar" [WSEM]) contains 101 lessons divided between 8 units, each of which may be completed over the course of several hours or weeks--depending on the skill level of students. The Seminar is very thorough--covering multiple ways of doing basic things from starting Word to making tables and columns. Even seasoned Word users will find techniques and tips they never considered before. See the Student Outline, below, for a list of lesson topics.

Word Processing Training at your own Pace

The Components section lists the elements of the Word Processing Seminar, including details about the format of the lessons and a couple of sample lessons. This is an interactive study guide (available only as Microsoft Word document templates), so students can practice each skill taught as often as required to master it. (If it would be helpful, you can print off the documents for reference.) With the Word 101 Seminar, everyone may study at their own pace!

The Versions section lists the different formats in which the Word 101 Seminar is available. NOTE: You will need to provide your own Microsoft Word software, preferably Word 2003 or above.

If you need more information about the Word 101 Seminar product than can be found on this website, please send me a request by e-mail.

  • Word 101 Seminar Components

    1. This is a PDF file.Front cover to put into your own binder (if you should happen to print off the lessons, which is not necessary).
    2. This is a PDF file.Student Outline
      • Includes the titles of all the lessons, divided between 8 units.
      • Each unit has 1, 2 or 3 sections.
      • If you print the outline, you could use it as a check off list.
      • Lesson titles are linked to the lesson document templates, allowing you to jump to lessons. This also means you can use the Word 101 Seminar as a quick reference tool.
    3. Lessons (Microsoft Word document templates)
      • Sample lesson 02-05 is about Exploring a Document.
      • Sample lesson 06-04 is about Using Auto Correct.
      • There is one lesson for each topic listed on the outline.
      • Every lesson looks similar to the two shown here, with the lesson itself confined to a one-page text box.
      • Most lessons include practice assignments (on a second page if they will not fit within the text box).
      • Many lessons include sample items which students can manipulate, such as tables and graphics.
      • Many lessons include articles on Creation and Noah's Flood as well (to show how techniques are applied); they need not be read.
      • Lesson features:
        • Objective--The first paragraph of each lesson is a concise statement of the tasks to be discussed.
        • Content--Most of the lesson is an explanation of various ways (with step-by-step instructions) that Word can accomplish those tasks.
        • Assignments--Students apply the instructions to the document template, which can then be saved under a new name or cancelled. Since students cannot accidentally over-write the template, they can experiment to their heart's content.
        • This is a PDF file.Articles--When lessons would benefit from examples of applied techniques, I have frequently used articles I wrote on either Creation or Noah's Flood. This material has nothing whatsoever to do with the lesson and does not have to be read. (Note that although the lessons are copyrighted, you are free to use and share the articles with other people to convey the intended message--just delete the lesson portion.)
  • Word Processing Seminar Versions

    1. Microsoft Word 2003 Document Templates E-mailed
      • Read Me First document explains how to use the document templates.
      • All of the lessons have been set up as Microsoft Word 2003 document templates that will be e-mailed to you.
      • There is no charge for e-mail delivery, but you will need to send me an e-mail address that will accommodate an approximately 55.0 MB folder or an approximately 6.0 MB compressed folder.
      • Document templates allow users to experiment with the concepts taught in the lesson material without fear. Simply closing the document and re-opening it will restore the template to its original condition.

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