The Weaver Curriculum Canadian Supplement product is thoroughly described on the Information page. If you need more information about it than can be found on this website, please send me a request by e-mail.

Weaver Curriculum Volume II has 10 Chapters

Volume II of The Weaver Curriculum contains 10 chapters, most of which contain some American content. Most of the chapters are somewhat complex and so for the sake of consistency (and in case the publishers wanted to create a Canadian edition) I re-typed every objective and activity that contains American information in order to provide parallel Canadian information. This is of real benefit to you: just compare the Supplement to the original Weaver Volume and mark any objectives for which there is a replacement!

Chapters 7 and 10 would work as an independent Canadian Social Studies unit study, because they alone provide 94 lessons for K-12! These two chapters cannot be purchased separately, but you can purchase the Canadian Supplement for Volume II and use as much or as little of it as you wish.

Canadian Supplement Volume II Chapter Themes

In order to help you consider using this Supplement (with or without The Weaver Curriculum Volume), I have listed the major chapter themes below. Remember, these are only the themes that have some degree of Canadian information; this is not an attempt to reproduce the entire Weaver Volume.

  • Canadian Supplement for Weaver Volume II

    1. Chapter 1
      • 10 pages (split by grade level)
      • Royalty, Egypt
    2. Chapter 2
      • 2 pages (split by grade level)
      • Petroleum
    3. Chapter 3
      • 10 pages (split by grade level)
      • Deserts, Climate, Midian
    4. Chapter 4
      • 7 pages (split by grade level)
      • Nations, Inventions, Industrial Revolution
    5. Chapter 5
      • 13 pages (split by grade level)
      • Famous People, Famous Leaders
    6. Chapter 6
      • 15 pages (split by grade level)
      • Snakes, Rivers, Nile River, Livestock, Solar System
    7. Chapter 7
      • 24 pages (some split by grade level, some K-6)
      • Holidays, Native Peoples (10 lessons)
      • See the This is a PDF file.Chapter 7 Overview
    8. Chapter 8
      • 21 pages (split by grade level)
      • Protection Agencies, Government, Armed Forces, Defence, Conservation
    9. Chapter 9
      • 11 pages (split by grade level)
      • Earthquakes, Mountains, Dust Bowl, Fire, Thunderstorms
    10. Chapter 10
      • 122 pages (K-12)
      • 42 history lessons and 42 matching geography lessons
      • History of Canada up to Confederation, 1867
      • See the This is a PDF file.Chapter 10 Outline


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