The Weaver Curriculum Canadian Supplement product is thoroughly described on the Information page. If you need more information about it than can be found on this website, please send me a request by e-mail.

Weaver Curriculum Volume I has 16 Chapters

Volume I of The Weaver Curriculum contains 16 chapters, most of which contain some American content. Most of the chapters were somewhat complex and so for the sake of consistency (and in case the publishers wanted to create a Canadian edition) I re-typed every objective and activity that contains American information in order to provide parallel Canadian information. This is of real benefit to you: just compare the Supplement to the original Weaver Volume and mark any objectives for which there is a replacement!

Canadian Supplement Volume I Chapter Themes

You may wish to consider using this Supplement (with or without The Weaver Curriculum Volume), so I have listed the major chapter themes below. Remember, these are only the themes that have some degree of Canadian information; this is not an attempt to reproduce the entire Weaver Volume. If you wish to purchase the Canadian Supplement for Volume I, check out these options.

  • Canadian Supplement for Weaver Volume I

    1. Chapter 1
      • 13 pages (split by grade level)
      • Cities, City Government, Population, Geographical Locations, Topographical Maps, Natural Resources
    2. Chapter 2
      • 4 pages (split by grade level)
      • Architecture, Rock Formations, Topography, Inventors, Energy
    3. Chapter 3
      • 7 pages (split by grade level)
      • Official Languages, Additional Languages
    4. Chapter 4
      • 25 pages (split by grade level)
      • General Highlights in History, Famous People, Prime Ministers, Religious History, O' Canada, Family Roots
    5. Chapter 5
      • 11 pages (split by grade level)
      • Transportation, Geography, Mass Movements of People, Settlers, Gold Rushes
    6. Chapter 6
      • 4 pages (split by grade level)
      • Water Cycle, Economic Systems
    7. Chapter 7
      • 12 pages (split by grade level)
      • Trees, Godly Scientists, Botany, Farms and Farm Life
    8. Chapter 8
      • 10 pages (split by grade level)
      • Animals, Butter, Birds, Environment, Migration
    9. Chapter 9
      • 27 pages (split by grade level)
      • Stewardship, Money, Taxes, Fort Knox, Banking System, Great Depression, Cheque Book
    10. Chapter 10
      • 23 pages (split by grade level)
      • Stars, Calendars and Time, Time Zones, Surveying, Navigation, Atomic Energy, Symbols, Flags, Sun, Moon, Weather Reports
    11. Chapter 11
      • 1 page (K-6)
      • Comment Only: Consider studying Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and NAFTA
    12. Chapter 12
      • 2 pages (split by grade level)
      • Famous Families
    13. Chapter 13
      • 1 pages (K-6)
      • No Canadian information to add.
    14. Chapter 14
      • 1 page (K-6)
      • No Canadian information to add.
    15. Chapter 15
      • 6 pages (split by grade level)
      • Insects
    16. Chapter 16
      • 11 pages (K-6)
      • Slavery, American Civil War, Machines that have Replaced Slave Labour, Constitution of Canada, Canadian Bill of Rights, Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms, Cycle of a Nation
      • See the This is a PDF file.Chapter 16 Outline


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