If you are a Canadian using The Weaver Curriculum unit study program, you need these Supplements to provide the Canadian content missing from that American product.

Canadian Supplements as part of a Social Studies Curriculum

If not, you can use these Supplements as part of your Canadian Social Studies curriculum because they contain sizeable portions of Canadian historical content. There is also lots of useful non-historical Canadian information, such as extensive Recommended Reading lists and Resource Pages, etc. Volumes II (10 + 84 dedicated lessons) and III (35 dedicated lessons) are especially well suited as independent Canadian history products, as they can easily take several months each to complete!

Would you like to try out The Weaver Curriculum style inexpensively? With these Canadian Supplements you can have Weaver-styled Social Studies, Science and Language Arts objectives and activities from a Canadian perspective! (Note: these are not complete Weaver Volumes.)

Why is there a Canadian Supplement for the Weaver Curriculum?

Volume I's introductory letter (link below) will briefly explain how I came to write the Canadian Supplements and why I am re-introducing them to the market now. You can also read the entire story in my Home School Introduction and in my biography. If you need more information about any of the Supplements than can be found on this website, please send me a request by e-mail.

  • Components of a Weaver Curriculum Canadian Supplement

    1. Cover to put in your own binder
    2. This is a PDF file.Title Page and introductory letter about the Supplement and how to use it (this sample is from Volume I)
    3. This is a PDF file.Index page (this sample is from Volume II)
    4. This is a PDF file.Devotional cards to help Dad keep in touch with his family's studies (just in case you run out of the cards provided by The Weaver Curriculum supplier)
    5. This is a PDF file.Recommended Reading lists (this is a sample of a first page)
    6. Canadian versions of objectives, activities and resources
      • This is the whole reason for the Canadian Supplements!
      • As I worked through the first Volume as I taught my own children, I discovered that I needed to research and write down a lot of Canadian information for my lessons.
      • I typed Canadianized versions of every objective and activity that mentioned anything American (even down to single words, like "Eskimo" instead of "Inuit").
      • As I got deeper and deeper into the Volume I saw the need for a Canadian Supplement so that other moms wouldn't have to spend so much time making their own lesson plans!
    7. Resource Sections
      • Where the original Weaver volume contains information that is specific to the United States, I prepared a new document to provide parallel Canadian information This is a PDF file.(e.g. Canada's national anthem)
      • Sometimes this information is a chart This is a PDF file.(e.g. capital cities) that you can copy and give to students for memory and/or copy work
      • Many times the information is in the form of maps This is a PDF file.(e.g. original route to Red River Colony) that you can copy and have students copy, trace or colour
    8. Completely Canadian Chapters that I had to write and fit into the Weaver Volume format and schedule, using its subject matter as a base. (In the case of Volume I, chapter 16, I actually organized the provided information into objectives and then added more.)
      • Volume I--chapter 16 (slavery and freedom)
      • Volume II--chapters 7 (native peoples) and 10 (Canada's development to 1867)
      • Volume III--chapter 7 (Canada's expansion since 1867)
      • Sample Lesson from Volume II, Chapter 10: This is a PDF file.Module B Overview and its first lesson This is a PDF file.Leif Ericson and John Cabot
  • Canadian Supplements for Weaver Volumes

    1. Volume I
      • 168 pages
      • Highlights include official languages, famous Canadians, transportation, immigration, money, slavery, and the underground railroad
      • Re-organized This is a PDF file.Chapter 16 Outline with 13 lessons
    2. Volume II
      • 240 pages
      • Highlights include royalty, native peoples, government, and history of Canada up to Confederation (1867)
      • Completely Canadian This is a PDF file.Chapter 7 Overview with 10 lessons, and This is a PDF file.Chapter 10 Outline with 84 lessons (42 Geography, 42 History)
    3. Volume III
      • 139 pages
      • Highlights include mapmaking, spies, dams, bridges, caves, time zones and the expansion of Canada since 1867
      • Completely Canadian This is a PDF file.Chapter 7 Outline with 35 lessons
  • Versions of the Weaver Curriculum Canadian Supplements

    1. E-mailed PDF versions
      • Read Me First document explains how to print a complete package.
      • Document files--sent to you by e-mail--of all pages, printable from computers with This link goes off-site.Adobe Acrobat.
      • There is no charge for e-mail delivery, but you will need to send me an e-mail address that will accommodate the size of folder or compressed folder indicated below.
      • Available for Volume I (2.1 MB or 1.8 MB compressed folder)
      • Available for Volume II (2.7 MB or 2.4 MB compressed folder)
      • Available for Volume III (3.2 MB or 2.8 MB compressed folder)
      • Available for Combo Volumes I, II, and III (8.1 MB or 7.0 MB compressed folder)
    2. Printed on paper, hole-punched for you to put into a binder. The pages are printed on only one side to make it easier for you to insert them into the original Weaver Volume if desired.


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