The French Lesson Supplements, including the Rosetta Stone Grammar Check Off List, are listed on the French Lesson Supplements Information page. If you need more information about them than can be found on this website, please send me a request by e-mail.

Note: These are not currently listed on the website store pages. To order, please select a version from the French Lesson Supplements Information page or go to Connie's Products page. If you would like to order and pay by regular mail (with a cheque or money-order), you can print off the This is a PDF file.French Lesson Supplements order form.

Maintain Control of Your Grammar Lessons

I have listed the file names included in this product below. You can purchase the Rosetta Stone Grammar Check Off List documents in either paper or e-mailed PDF form.

  • Rosetta Stone Grammar Check Off List

    1. There are 9 pages, one for each unit in Rosetta Stone French Level I
    2. The number of lessons for each Unit are as follows:
      • RSChecklist0: The introductory Unit has 10 sections (see French Flash Cards page for list)
      • RSChecklist1: Unit 1 has 11 lessons
      • RSChecklist2: Unit 2 has 11 lessons
      • RSChecklist3: Unit 3 has 11 lessons
      • RSChecklist4: Unit 4 has 11 lessons
      • RSChecklist5: Unit 5 has 12 lessons
      • RSChecklist6: Unit 6 has 12 lessons
      • RSChecklist7: Unit 7 has 12 lessons
      • This is a PDF file.RSChecklist8: Unit 8 has 12 lessons
    3. The paper version is printed on white cardstock
    4. You can treat the Grammar Check Off List product as a reproducible kit:
      • If you purchase the paper version, you can either use the pages as masters (see next) or begin using them immediately.
      • If you purchase the e-mailed PDF version, you can print masters from which to make as many copies as needed. Or you can print pages directly onto coloured paper or cardstock. Tip: print the pages for each student a different colour!


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