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Level 1 of ICANSPELL contains 32 lessons

I have listed the major concepts for each lesson below. You can purchase ICANSPELL Level 1 in either paper or e-mailed PDF form.

  • ICANSPELL Level 1

    1. Dictation Pad 1-01 to 1-08
      • Lesson 01
        • Short vowel words--the letter a
      • Lesson 02
        • Short Vowel words--the letter e
      • Lesson 03
        • Short vowel words--the letter i
      • Lesson 04
        • Short vowel words--the letter o
      • Lesson 05
        • Short vowel words--the letter u
      • Lesson 06
      • Lesson 07
        • Short vowel words--the letter a
        • One-vowel words with multiple consonants and ending with a consonant
      • Lesson 08
        • Short vowel words--the letter e
        • One-vowel words with doubled consonants at the end
    2. Dictation Pad 1-09 to 1-16
      • Lesson 09
        • Short vowel words--the letters a and e
        • A syllable contains only one vowel sound
      • Lesson 10
        • Short vowel words--the letter i
        • The consonant team ng
      • Lesson 11
        • Short vowel words--the letters a, e, i, o, and u
        • The consonant teams ck and ch
        • The consonant blend nk
      • Lesson 12
        • Long vowel words--the letter a
        • Silent e
      • Lesson 13
        • Long vowel words--the letter e
        • The e is sometimes single and sometimes doubled
      • Lesson 14
        • Long vowel words--the letters i and y
        • Removing a silent e would make a long vowel short
      • Lesson 15
        • Long vowel words--the letter o
        • A vowel at the end of a word is usually long
        • An r following an o forces the long sound
      • Lesson 16
        • Long vowel words--the vowel team ee
        • Sometimes there is a silent e at the end of a word containing ee
    3. Dictation Pad 1-17 to 1-24
      • Lesson 17
        • Long vowel words--the letter u
        • Different ways of pronouncing long u
      • Lesson 18
        • Vowel team ea making the long e sound
      • Lesson 19
        • Vowel team ay making the long a sound
        • You can join two root words together to make two-syllable words
      • Lesson 20
        • Vowel team ai making the long a sound
      • Lesson 21
        • Vowel team oa making the long o sound
      • Lesson 22
        • Letter team ar at the end of a word or followed by a consonant
      • Lesson 23
        • Three special ways to spell the long i sound (ind, ild, igh)
      • Lesson 24
        • Vowel team oo making its short sound as in book
    4. Dictation Pad 1-25 to 1-32
      • Lesson 25
        • Vowel team oo making its long sound as in room
        • Exceptions: do and to
      • Lesson 26
        • Letter team all as in ball
      • Lesson 27
        • Letter team ow as in cow
        • If a consonant follows ow in a root word, it is usually n, d, or l
      • Lesson 28
        • Vowel team ou as in ouch
        • Many consonants can follow ou
      • Lesson 29
        • Letter team ew making the long u sound
        • Letter team ew is usually seen at the end of a root word
      • Lesson 30
        • Consonant team th voiced, as in that
        • Consonant team wh as in when can be pronounced like hw
      • Lesson 31
        • An assortment of common use words. A few examples:
          1. The letter y as a suffix
          2. Vowel team ey making the long a sound
          3. The letter e doing nothing at the end of a word such as are
      • Lesson 32
        • An assortment of common use words. A few examples:
          1. The word idea is short but made up of 3 syllables
          2. The ai in said makes the sound of short e
          3. The word some sounds like sum


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