The ICANSPELL product is thoroughly described on the ICANSPELL Information page. If you need more information about it than can be found on this website, please send me a request by e-mail.

Use ICANSPELL Generic with your own spelling lists

ICANSPELL Generic is available for those who prefer to provide their own spelling lists and perhaps create their own lesson plans and activities. The chief difference between ICANSPELL Generic and the ICANSPELL Levels is that you provide the word lists and activity ideas (if any), which makes it very handy to use with vocabulary lists found in unit studies such as my Readings in Canadian History product.

ICANSPELL Generic can be used with whatever spelling lists happen to be provided in your curriculum material. With ICANSPELL Generic you can keep tabs on your student's spelling words and have them cycle through them again (and again, if necessary) until they are conquered. ICANSPELL Generic might be a good fit if you need to handle your childrens' existing spelling lists in a different way than what is provided in your curriculum, or if you are provided vocabulary lists in a unit study, or if you simply don't know what else to do about words your children keep spelling wrong.

Purchase ICANSPELL Generic in many forms

ICANSPELL Generic is available in several forms. You can purchase a complete package or a reproducible kit in paper form, or purchase Word 2003 document templates by e-mail or purchase PDF documents by e-mail. ICANSPELL Generic is also available as a component of the ICANSPELL Combo, which is available on paper or as PDF files (by e-mail).

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