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  1. This link goes off-site.Torah is for All People
    • By Monte Judah
    • March 2008 Yavoh magazine
    • "Is Torah for everyone? Or is it just for Jews? This is a major question facing many Messianic brethren today. It is the same question that was raised in the New Testament. It has to do with those who are physical Jews, biologically born of Israel, versus those who are physically Gentile, biologically born of the nations...Clearly, the Torah was given to Israel (all of the tribes) via Moses. There is no question about that. But Gentiles who come to faith in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, who believe and trust in the Messiah's redemption, which commandments are they to follow? Is the Torah for everyone of faith or is it just for Israel?"

  2. This is a PDF file.Afraid of the Law
    • By Kevin M. Williams
    • for RBC Ministries, 2002
    • "One hurdle many believers face when sharing the gospel is that nonbelievers are too willing to turn a deaf ear to the good news of Jesus Christ's redemptive power, the freedom from the curse of sin and death, and the promise of everlasting life in eternal paradise. It is often common to ask, 'Why won't they listen to me? Don't they understand the phenomenal gift I'm trying to show them?'...This fear--this lack of openness to things not understood--is not limited to unbelievers. This is the same reaction many Evangelicals have to discussions about the Torah--commonly referred to, though somewhat inaccurately as--'the Law.'"

  3. This is a PDF file.Galatians 2:18-19
    • By Avi ben Mordechai
    • Date unknown
    • This link goes off-site.Millennium 7000 Communications
    • "Was Paul actually teaching all the Jews among the Gentiles to forsake Moses and to not circumcise their children nor walk according to the customs of the Jews? No, he was teaching no such thing; it may only appear that this is the case because of the specific language that is being used to express the allegation. Because of hours of study, I have a working knowledge of the expressions and what they meant to the people of the day; I understand the terminology of the accusations; it is clear to me what the rumor against Paul is really all about. In this short article I hope to help you to also see the issues clearly."

  4. This is a PDF file.A Matter of the Heart
    • By Rav. David Pollina
    • Tushiyah Thoughts, March 2, 2005
    • This link goes off-site.Tushiyah Press
    • "In western thought, the 'heart' is the seat of the emotions, and especially that of love. Yet...scriptural love is not an emotion, but an action of obedience. Continuing this thought then, it is important to realise that in Hebraic thought, the heart is the seat of the MIND, INTELLECT and WILL."

  5. This is a PDF file.Call on His Name
    • By Rav. David Pollina
    • Excerpt from "Reuniting the Covenant," 2004
    • This link goes off-site.Tushiyah Press
    • "One of the first lessons we must learn, as we seek to discover the ancient paths, is the Name of the Elohim we serve. In western thought, not much emphasis is placed on one's name, however, in middle-eastern culture, the opposite is true and a name carries significant meaning. This is very evident in Hebraic thought, and expressed in the Tanakh."

  6. Christmas and Easter
    • By Connie Lacelle
    • January 18, 2009
    • I have never liked Christmas--I didn't really know why, but it was for me (as for countless others, if we are to believe the statisticians) a very depressing time of year. I would reluctantly take a minimal part, but my heart was definitely not in it. When I became an adult I began dropping Christmas customs with fear and trepidation, lest I offend people, but with determination that I be free of worry about what people think of me. The fear of man dies hard and when you fly in the face of traditions and society's customs, you don't get much help. So I continued to be depressed every Christmas season.

  7. This is a PDF file.Can Christmas and Easter Be Holy?
    • By Rav. David Pollina
    • Excerpt from "Reuniting the Covenant," 2004
    • This link goes off-site.Tushiyah Press
    • "Exceptionally well researched and argued, Rav. David Pollina unravels the tangled history of Christianity and Judaism, reconciling it with prophesied future reunification."

  8. This is a PDF file.Feeding Y'Shua Tomato Soup
    • By Rav. David Pollina
    • Tushiyah Thoughts, December 24, 2004
    • This link goes off-site.Tushiyah Press
    • A short story about a couple's experience with tomato soup and what they learned.

  9. This is a PDF file.Eating Swine's Flesh
    • Author unknown
    • Date unknown
    • This link goes off-site.Messianic Bureau International
    • "What does G-d's Word and science have to say about eating swine's flesh? Many believe that it doesn't matter what people eat, thinking everything is sanctified by their prayers. We have reason to believe that G-d made no mistake when He declared the hog to be unclean for food. Surely the Creator of our complex, intriciate and wonderfully made human bodies knows what is the best fuel for proper maintenance and longevity. Clean and unclean meats is a topic about which many people have little or no understanding."

  10. This link goes off-site.Clean and Unclean: Commandments for Today
    • By Thomas Martincic
    • October, 2007
    • "In this study, we are going to discuss a subject that has the potential to affect a person's life in a major way, especially if one was raised in a Gentile home. I realize that this study has the potential to greatly impact a person's lifestyle. Eating is something we do every day. But what we put into our bodies (Yahweh's temple) is very important. If you don't believe me, just ask Adam and Eve. It was the eating of something that Eve thought was 'good for food' that resulted in the fall of man and brought us into the condition we are today. Will we follow their example?"
    • This simple 2-page This is a PDF file.Clean Food List will help you make food choices.

  11. This link goes off-site.The Church Doesn't Think Like Jesus
    • By Brad Scott
    • Wildbranch, December, 2003
    • Brad's commentary follows a WorldNetDaily article (December 3, 2003) stating that a new survey by pollster George Barna finds only 9 percent of born-again Christians hold a biblical worldview.

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