In the last article I gave you 12 bold statements about dinosaurs. Did they get you studying--or at least thinking about dinosaurs and evolution in a new way? Did you realize you had been confused on the subject? (If not, you should be teaching this stuff--creationists need all the help they can get!) I trust the article helped you figure out a few things that will help you teach the people in your life about those mysterious creatures and the implications of their recent (perhaps current) existence. Today I want to issue a challenge.

I used to be afraid of dinosaurs, but not anymore! That's because I changed my attitude toward them. (Permit me a bit of an aside: The older I get the more I realize that attitude is everything! When you get right down to it, sin is simply an attitude that what we want to do is more important to us than what God wants us to do, so we do it. We always do what we really want to do. Think about it!)

Ancient dinosaurs?

For years my kids played with a bright pink Dino puppet (reminiscent of the Dino of Flintstones fame) but that was the only concession I would make to the subject of dinosaurs because I simply did not know what to teach about them. The whole subject of dinosaurs was dominated by evolutionists and although I dimly recalled having heard a comment or two on the subject by Christians in years long gone by, the scales were tipped clearly in favour of the evolutionists. I did not want to teach my kids that everything, including dinosaurs, evolved over millions of years (though I was temporarily sidetracked by the idea that the earth could be millions or billions of years old. See my comment about that at the end of the 7 C's of Creation article.) I didn't want to believe that, but I was not aware of any Christian literature that permitted the existence of dinosaurs in a young earth. Yet dinosaurs obviously existed, and the kids were being bombarded with opportunity after opportunity to be indoctrinated in evolutionary dogma by the use of dinosaur mascots. It was a very uncomfortable position to be in.

Young dinosaurs?

But God promises us: "If you abide in My word, you are my disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." The day came when God turned my attention back to the Creation Week and I began studying as if I had never heard of it before. A great burden lifted off me when, in the process, I discovered and purchased several pieces of excellent Christian material about God's creation of the earth and animals (including dinosaurs, whew!) only a few thousand years ago! Finally--there was freedom to contradict evolutionary dogma and proof with which to do it! Freedom to believe that in this area, too, God has it covered! We can believe in the Bible and in dinosaurs and in a young earth!


I challenge you to visit some great creationist websites for a thorough treatment of these matters, and link to the many others connected to them. Your eyes will be opened and your faith strengthened as you realize more and more that you do not have to be held hostage to the world's way of thinking. God really is in control, and dinosaurs don't scare Him! Some of the most popular creationist ministries that I know of are This link goes off-site.Answers in Genesis, This link goes off-site.Creation Today, This link goes off-site.Institute for Creation Research, This link goes off-site.Creation Ministries International, and This link goes off-site.Christian Answers.

Especially for your children's sake, but even if only for yourself, buy some wonderful books by Christian creationists like Ken Ham, Duane Gish, Kent Hovind and Gary Parker. This link goes off-site.Brad Scott of Wildbranch Ministries has some great CD's on the subject from a Hebraic perspective, as well. If you really want to get into it, you might purchase creationist curricula like the one called This link goes off-site.It All Begins With Genesis (which I purchased from This link goes off-site.Answers in Genesis) and use it with your own children in homeschool or in-depth family devotions, or for children's church or youth group meetings. Some of our favourites are listed on our Faith Matters links page. Start an after-school dinosaur club in your neighbourhood. Join the war against ignorance of the truth about God's creation!

Wouldn't it be fun to have a pet Dino? How would you fit such a beast into your home--or would you make it stay in a dinohouse? Could you even keep it in your yard? Could you trust it to protect your kids? Would it tend to eat the neighbours, or simply scare away bad guys? Today, maybe... But not at Adam's house!


If you are using this for a lesson, you might like to use Job 41:1, 9-11 as a memory verse, sing a song like "God loves you, God loves me, He wants you in His family, If you ask Him now, He'll come into your heart, And of His family, You'll be part," (to the Barney song tune). (Note: you can jump to the link to read that reference, and then click the "back to Activities" link to return.) Since God created dinosaurs as vegetarians, you might use vegetables and fruits along with a few dinosaur cookies/crackers as a snack. If you haven't had your fill of dinosaur-oriented activities, click here to get instructions for playing Dinosaur Derby again.

Well, let's move on to the first of three articles on Noah's Flood. You will find out why it was necessary, preparations Noah's family had to make, what they experienced, and what the results of the flood were.


Note: This section was created with the help of a wonderful program called This link goes off-site.InstaVerse. (See ad in right column.) It is available from This link goes off-site.WORDsearch.

Job 41:1,9-11

1Canst thou draw out leviathan with a hook? Or his tongue with a cord which thou lettest down? 9Behold, the hope of him is in vain: shall not one be cast down even at the sight of him? 10None is so fierce that dare stir him up: who then is able to stand before Me? 11Who hath prevented Me that I should repay him? Whatsoever is under the whole heaven is Mine.

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Author information

Connie Lacelle, for the Connie's Comments column of the Northern Good News Journal, December 2003.

What did you think of this article? Do you disagree with anything the author said? Did s/he overlook anything important? Send me an e-mail to have your say.



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