Long ago a dark thing entered the world of man. Creeping into a perfect paradise, it insinuated itself into the confidence of a perfect woman and a perfect man. Having persuaded this lovely couple that they did not have everything they needed for their total fulfillment and happiness, it persuaded them to do the one and only thing their Creator had told them not to do. For a moment they put aside their trust in their loving Creator and obeyed the evil thing instead. The rest is history--literally!

Mankind's history

The history of the human race on planet earth has been short, and certainly not sweet. It has been fraught with danger and destruction, disease and death. Ever since that first bite of the forbidden fruit, mankind has been destroying itself one sin at a time. Destroying their home one action at a time. There appears to be no end to the evil things the human mind is capable of imagining and bringing into being. Is there no end in sight? Is there no one who can fix everything?

Yes, there is! Believe it or not, God has a plan. I've read the back of the book, and...guess what...we win! The Bible is the written blueprint of how that plan is being worked out. We may not understand everything we read in God's Word but if we really know God, we know He is trustworthy and will finish what He has started. He knows what He's doing! Parts of the record are veiled in mystery, and we often disagree with each other on their interpretation, but the plan is there--and one day, when all is said and done, we will stand silent before our Maker and wonder at His wisdom in bringing it all to pass. He will deal with the evil thing that entered the world of man, permanently, and restore to us a perfect paradise!

Biblical creationism

In the Faith Matters section of this website you will find a number of articles about the earth's history through the eyes of a biblical creationist. In those articles we study what it means to be a biblical creationist and what it means to be an evolutionist. We study earth's age, the Garden of Eden, and dinosaurs. We study Noah's flood, fossils, and the ice age. God willing, we will study the development of 'races,' languages, and religions in the years to come. You can jump to the Faith Matters articles index from any page in this section of the website. You can also jump to the Faith Matters favourite links page to find some recommended websites where you can get thorough information on any of these subjects, and many more. It also includes a recommended reading list with brief descriptions and links to websites where the books and magazines can be purchased.

At some point, perhaps, we may study other issues that could be considered "faith matters." But for now, creation/evolution is a big enough bite to chew on. If you want some more really serious study material, please visit the Hebrew Roots section of this website. Now there is something to sink your teeth into!

Hebrew roots

Since April 2003, I have been intensely studying the Hebrew roots of my faith and prophecies that derive from them, and learning some astonishing things that were lost due to serious errors made by the Christian church in the early centuries! You need to consider these things as well, so, because I am by no means an expert, I have devoted a separate section of this website to pointing you to excellent websites where you can read articles that will challenge you to really think about what you believe. Please read my testimony of how God turned my world upside down and right side up again, and my list of Hebrew Roots principles that are important for you to consider. You can go directly to a page of Hebrew Roots favourite links when you are ready to be challenged by experts! That page is divided into several sections: Favourite Torah Teachers, Favourite Websites, Recommended Reading, Favourite Music, Messianic Fellowship, and Miscellaneous Links.


Over the years I have collected and/or written articles and activities on a variety of spiritual things, and will continue to do so. Look for them in the months and years to come sprinkled throughout this website. God's Word is, of course, the ultimate authority--and it contains abundant references to the things I'm studying--so I have included a page of challenging scripture references for you to check out. When you'd like to think about something in God's Word in a potentially new way, please go to Challenging Scriptures and choose one or two passages to consider. On this page I have simply posted a few leading statements or questions followed by the biblical text--with no commentary. You can ask God for yourself what He means!

If you are (or would like to be) exploring your Hebrew roots, please contact me. My friends and I are seeking the fellowship of like-minded people who live in our vicinity!


It would be interesting to hear what you think of the information presented in this section of the website, and your suggestions for future pages. If you need further information about anything, please contact me by e-mail!



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