Most of the articles listed below were written for a local Christian newspaper in 2003 and 2004. As in all things literary, however, I may have made editorial changes because my views have changed or so that it flows better in this medium.

Time-permitting, I hope to continue writing on creationist themes for this website. In the meantime, I may add articles written by other people--so if you have an appropriate one, do contact me. Please note that any articles by other people that have been included on this website were added for their individual value. Sharing them with you does not mean that I necessarily endorse everything written/taught by a particular author or found at their websites.

Faith Matters Articles Index

  1. 7 C's of Creation
    • By Connie Lacelle
    • March, 2003
    • What is a creationist? Do you know what biblical creationists believe? Here is some information that I believe will open your eyes to a whole new way of looking at your world.

  2. 7 E's of Evolution
    • By Connie Lacelle
    • May, 2003
    • Do you know what evolutionists believe? You probably have a pretty good idea, because their teachings are found everywhere today—on TV, in books and magazines, and especially in the curriculum material your children receive at school. What they fail to tell you, however, is that evolution is just an unproven belief system. It is a religion, too, because it takes faith to believe in it.

  3. 7 A's of Earth's Age
    • By Connie Lacelle
    • August, 2003
    • This article is a description of how to make an Age of the Earth Timeline along with my commentary showing a very brief summary of earth's 6,000-year history, depicting 7 major events beginning with the creation and ending with the present day. These major events are each depicted by a unique bead, and passage of time between these events is illustrated by clear filler beads. When completed, the "timeline" can be used as a bracelet, made part of a necklace, or pinned to a bulletin board.

  4. The Garden of Eden: What was earth like?
    • By Connie Lacelle
    • September, 2003
    • Paradise Lost! Oh, how we look with longing for a paradise to which we can retreat from the hectic pace of life and from all the problems that life brings us. We want there to be some place in the world where we could actually go and get refreshed, maybe renew our youth--or even hide away and grow old   v-e-r-y   s-l-o-w-l-y, if at all.

  5. Dinosaurs and the Bible: Did Adam have a pet dino?
    • By Connie Lacelle
    • November, 2003
    • Who ever heard of having a pet dinosaur? Isn't that impossible? Didn't dinosaurs get wiped out millions of years ago? What’s the truth about these creatures anyway? Because this article cannot thoroughly cover all the information available about dinosaurs (even if one limits the material to just creationist sources), I want to pique your interest in further study by just giving you a few bold statements to chew on while you ponder what my answer to that question is.

  6. I Used to be Afraid of Dinosaurs, but not anymore!
    • By Connie Lacelle
    • December, 2003
    • I used to be afraid of dinosaurs, but not anymore! That’s because I changed my attitude toward them.

  7. Noah's Flood (part 1): Necessity, Preparations, Experienced, Results
    • By Connie Lacelle
    • March, 2004
    • There are too many aspects to study about Noah's Flood to put together in one article, so I broke the discussion into three parts. This part covers why the Flood was necessary, preparations for it, how Noah’s family experienced it, and some immediate results of it.

  8. Noah's Flood (part 2): How Continents, Rocks and Fossils Came to Be
    • By Connie Lacelle
    • April, 2004
    • The second part of my 3-part series on Noah's Flood discusses how the continents, rocks, and fossils came to be as they are now,

  9. Noah's Flood (part 3): Formation of Physical Features, Weather, Ice Age
    • By Connie Lacelle
    • June, 2004
    • The third part of my 3-part series on Noah's Flood discusses the formation of such features as mountains, deserts, and glaciers, how they affect the weather, and the ice age.

  10. This link goes off-site.One Man and a Vision: Johan Huibers, Ark Builder in the Netherlands
    • Frans Gunnink chats with Johan Huibers
    • Published in Creation Magazine September, 2008
    • Johan Huibers is now well-known as the self-employed Dutch carpenter who has built a working 'Ark' nearly half as long as Noah's original. Since opening for public viewing in mid-2007 in the Netherlands, many thousands of visitors have 'flooded' into the 'Ark'.

  11. This link goes off-site.Genesis--The Seedbed of all Christian Doctrine
    • By Russell Grigg
    • May 11, 2007
    • Everything in the Bible is inseparably bound up with its first book, Genesis. This is because Genesis gives us the origin and initial explanation of all major biblical doctrines.

  12. Terrible Tower of Babel
    • By Connie Lacelle
    • This is the next Faith Matters article I want to write, but have no idea when I will have time for it!


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