The best way to learn something is to do it! Each of the following activities is designed to help children (and adults) make a strong connection between facts and a tangible related object by doing. For example, when a person makes Noah's Ark he or she will see that the Ark was not a small round bobbing tub but rather a big rectangular floating hotel of sorts. And when a person focuses their attention on the presence of Jesus in every book of the New Testament he or she will be reminded that our Saviour is always with us and has a wonderful plan for our lives.

I do hope you will enjoy these activities, most of which I created for my own children or classes I have taught.

Faith Matters Activities Index

  • Connie's Creations
    1. Noah's Ark--Project A
      • Easiest for children
      • Finished size 12" x 4½" x 4½"
      • This construction paper Noah's Ark model is not made to the scale that God gave Noah, but it is easier to make. (If you prefer to do a project that is made to scale, do Noah's Ark--Project B.)

    2. Noah's Ark--Project B
      • Suitable for teens and adults
      • Finished size 12" x 2" x 1½"
      • This construction paper Noah's Ark model is made to the scale that God gave Noah. (If you prefer to do a project that is easier to create, do Noah's Ark--Project A.)

    3. Bead and String Age-of-the-Earth Timeline
      • This activity is explained in my article "7 A's of the Earth's Age"
      • The "timeline" is meant to show a very brief summary of earth’s 6,000-year history, depicting 7 major events beginning with the creation and ending with the present day. These major events are each depicted by a unique bead, and passage of time between these events is illustrated by clear filler beads. When completed, the "timeline" can be used as a bracelet, made part of a necklace, or pinned to a bulletin board.

    4. Dinosaur Derby
      • This is a set of several activities involving a collection of large plastic dinosaurs (preferably one each of a dozen or so different kinds):
        1. Teach a new version of Barney's song with actions, using dinosaur puppet if available
        2. Play "Musical Dinosaurs"
        3. Play "Dinosaur Details"
        4. Play "Dinosaur Sorting"
        5. Play "Dinosaur Roller Ball"
        6. Play "Noah, Noah, May I?"
      • The activities were designed to be used one after the other in the order presented above, but you can use them in isolation
      • The derby was designed for a group of families to play together, but it can be adapted for one large family or a small class

  • Borrowed
    1. Hidden Books of the Bible Quiz
      • There are 22 books of the Bible hidden in the text of a paragraph. Find them.
      • Link to an answer page is provided.

    2. Jesus/Yeshua on Every Page
      • This is a table listing the New Testament books and how Jesus is presented in each.
      • You can use this table as information to memorize, search out and explain, chart out, make a collage of, quiz, etc.

If you try any of these activities, we'd love to know how it works for you. Would you like to submit an original, easy-for-children activity of your own for use on the website? Send me an e-mail to have your say.



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