Save money on shipping and handling

Shipping and handling charges have been calculated for residents of continental U.S. and Canada for individual products and multiples thereof so that you can save money on shipping when you buy, say, 3 lesson planners. Postage is often just a little more for three items than it is for one or two (depending on the item), so this seems fairer than charging a flat or percentage rate based on total price.

However, we recognize that customers purchasing several different items (say, 3 lesson planners with customization plus 1 Readings in Canadian History and 2 Millennium Time Line System Core Components packages) might find the shipping/handling amounts too high.

If the customer also wants to add in used or clearance items or request something other than the default shipping method, or if s/he resides outside of continental U.S. or Canada, the question then truly becomes--how can we figure out what the total shipping/handling amount for this order would actually be?

The answer is...ask Connie!

How to save money on shipping and handling

  1. You may send me an e-mail listing everything you are considering buying along with your address and so on. See e-mail addresses on the About Home and School Solutions Section Map.

  2. Or you may submit the following contact form which asks for all the information I am likely to need. The form includes a table of all of the products currently offered at Home and School Solutions so all you need to do is answer a few questions and select the appropriate product codes. Use the following comment box to list any used or clearance items you want to include.

Either way, when I receive your shipping and handling query I will be happy to calculate the precise weight and dimensions of the proposed package, consult Canada Post for rates, and get back to you quickly. I am looking forward to serving you!


First Name

Last Name

E-mail Address

Confirm E-mail Address

Physical Address

At this time your city, country and postal code will do--but of course I will need the complete address if/when you place your order.

Payment Method

Cheque or money order made out to "Connie Lacelle" in Canadian funds
PayPal (the PayPal fees will be included in the shipping amount)

PayPal Button or Link

I can send you a PayPal buy now button or link as part of my reply, or send it after further discussion. If you prefer, you can use PayPal's "Send Money" function.

Yes, send me a Buy Now button or link
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No, I prefer to use PayPal's "Send Money" function
No, I will pay by cheque or money order

Product Choices

In the table below, please type in a quantity for any item(s) you need included in my shipping/handling cost calculation. Or, if you prefer, type or copy/paste the code(s) and quantity(ies) for each into the comment box that follows this table. Please note that this form will only send a product code to me if you put a quantity in its box. You can clear the form and start over at any time by pressing the reset button at the bottom.

Note that product codes with their full names and links to detailed product information are provided on the Connie's Products page, on the store pages, and in red boxes on the individual product pages.

WSEM: Word Processing Seminar
WCCS: Weaver Curriculum Canadian Supplements
RICH1: Readings in Canadian History, Year 1
HELPS: Home Educator's Lesson Planner/Student Record
MTLS: Millennium Time Line System
RS: Rosetta Stone French Lesson Supplements
RSFFC=French Flash Cards, RSGCOL=Grammar Check Off List, RSSMS=Student Management System

More Information

Prefer to type or copy/paste product code(s) here? Want to add a used or clearance item? Want fastest postal service? Cheapest service? Tell me what's on your mind!

Spambot stuff

Error messages

This contact form was designed to foil spambots with a variety of traps. If you do not complete each question, and do so correctly, you will receive an error message and be given the opportunity to try again. (If you want, you can reset the form using the reset button below and start all over.) Please know this is not meant to make your life difficult but rather to prevent webspiders and spambots from capturing your e-mail address and mine!

Ready to leave?

A copy of your post will be e-mailed to you, but if you wish to have a copy of the completed form before you leave you can click the print button below.

When you are ready to submit your shipping and handling calculation request and continue browsing through the Home and School Solutions website, please click the submit button. Then select one of the section map links in the left navigation bar (or in the footer below) on the next page.

Thanks for your visit and your request! I am certain you will be happy with the result.

Connie Lacelle
Home and School Solutions

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