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  • "Home and School Solutions" Explained
    • "Home"
      • expresses our desire to serve individual people, including owners of small family-run businesses.
    • "and"
      • expresses a connection between "home" and "school" so as to be mutually INclusive.
    • "School"
      • expresses our desire to provide educational information to anyone seeking it, particularly homeschoolers.
    • "Solutions"
      • expresses our desire to solve problems where it is within our ability to do so.
  • New Pages/Links
  • This section is where you can learn about us and how to contact us. As you can see by surfing through the other sections of this website, we are attempting to provide a lot of helpful information in several key areas--free--in addition to the home school products we market.
    If you'd like to make a donation to help, that would be appreciated. However, I am not able to provide you with a tax deductible receipt. Would a letter do?
  • Mission Statement
    • Home and School Solutions' mission is to provide creative solutions to family needs.
      • We aim to serve families by providing study material that promotes health of heart, soul, mind and body using a small home computer network with internet acccess.
  • Connie's Quick Computers (aka CQC)
    • "Connie's Quick Computers" was our licensed business name until 2008 and is the name of our original website. (We used "HELPS" before that.)
      • If you purchased materials that Connie created in years past, you will see the CQC (or HELPS) copyright statement printed on them.
      • In 2008 we rebranded all of our materials under the name "Home and School Solutions."
  • Website Sections
    • Home School
      • Homeschooling on a tight budget and seeking inexpensive tools you can use? Especially (but not only) if you are Canadian you need to take a look at this!
    • Health = Wealth
      • Hoping against hope there are easy ways to improve your family's health and well-being? Here's a recipe for success!
    • Faith Matters
      • Seeking ammunition to combat the evolutionary teaching you and your children are being exposed to? Your faith in the Creator is the best weapon you've got!
    • Hebrew Roots
      • Curious about what has been going on in the world all these years? Discover the Hebrew Roots of your faith!
    • Store and Services
      • Want to purchase something or find out what services are offered? This is the place to go.
    • Blogs Plus
      • Want to know what else we're doing? Check here for links to other pages and sites, like our preparedness blog, sukkot site, and gardening blog.
    • Bulletin Board
      • Staying abreast of current happenings? Check here for miscellaneous notes and notices.
    • Favourite Links
      • Need a comprehensive list of all the links on this website? Check here.
  • Connie and the Family
  • Connie's Resume
  • Privacy Statement
  • Contact Information
    • Telephone (705) 967-1256 (M-F, 9:30-4:30, EST) We screen out telemarketers, so please identify yourself to our answering machine.
    • Mail
      • Connie Lacelle
        Box 4
        Warren, ON P0H 2N0
    • Paltalk Chat Room (I'm not on there much anymore, but can open the room if/when you want to chat)
      • Register at This link goes off-site.Paltalk.
      • Add Connies Nic to your pal list.
      • Send us your nickname by e-mail and we will add you to our pal list.
      • If you want a private chat, let us know at the same time so we can arrange an appointment.
      • Find our chat room (when it's open):
        • click on Rooms,
          choose Health,
          select Fitness & Nutrition,
          select Connies Room,
          enter the password that I will give you privately.
    • Yahoo Group
      • Subscribe to home-and-school-solutions Yahoo group.
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    • Contact Forms
    • E-mail Addresses
      We regret that we cannot provide clickable or copyable e-mail addresses below. Instead, in order to hopefully foil spambots, we have used a graphic!

      • Home and School Solutions E-mail Addresses, by Connie Lacelle of Home and School Solutions
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